Butter Chicken with Rice (single serve)

Available as 220g or 320g single serves

Butter Chicken with Rice (single serve)
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The decadent flavours of this dish make it a favourite! Tender, succulent chicken thighs cooked with a flavoursome butter chicken curry, adding tomato, a hint of yoghurt and served with fragrant jasmine rice

Nutritional info

Quantity per serve:

Serving size: 220 g

Energy: 1014 KJ

Protein: 11 g

Total fat: 4 g

Saturated fat: 2 g

Total carbohydrates: 39 g

Sugars: 4 g

Sodium / Salt: 257 mg

Dietary fibre: 2 g

Quantity per 100 g/ml:

Energy: 461 KJ

Protein: 5 g

Total fat: 2 g

Saturated fat: 1 g

Total carbohydrates: 18 g

Sugars: 2 g

Sodium / Salt: 117 mg

Dietary fibre: 1 g


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